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Christian Keambou Tiambo

Christian Keambou Tiambo  image
Senior lecturer at the University of Buea and Université des Montagnes, Cameroon

Dr Christian Keambou Tiambo is a senior lecturer at the University of Buea and Université des Montagnes in Cameroon, as well as the Pan African University Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (PAUISTI) in Kenya. 

Keambou is the coordinator for the animal science programme at the University of Buea and a member of the Animal Genetic Resources Taxonomy Advisory Group for the African Union InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AnGR-TAG/AU-IBAR). An alumni of the BecA-ILRI Hub’s Africa Biosciences Challenge Fund fellowship program, he steers the Local Chicken Community of Practice hosted by BecA-ILRI Hub, a group bringing together scientists from 10 countries of western, central and eastern Africa conducting research on indigenous chicken.

Keambou’s laboratory and field research spanning over 10 years seeks to improve livelihoods in rural Africa by enhancing productivity of local chicken, making the best use of locally available resources and through the participatory approach in community-based breeding programs that advance knowledge in genetic improvement. 


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