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Cristobal Uauy

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Wheat Geneticist, John Innes Centre (UK)

Dr Cristobal Uauy is a Project Leader at the John Innes Centre and a Visiting Scholar at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany in Cambridge. He studied Agronomy in Chile (2001) and holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of California, Davis (2007).

His work on wheat senescence and nutritional value was recognized as the most outstanding PhD dissertation in Biological and Life Sciences in the US and Canada (2006-07). He was part of a team responsible for the identification of a gene conferring partial resistance to yellow rust, an important first step to develop long-term strategies for durable disease resistance. His programme in the UK is strongly focused on the identification of genes involved in wheat productivity traits, including grain size/yield and resistance to the wheat yellow rust pathogen. Uauy is using molecular genetic approaches to identify these genes and enhance the pipeline to translate new knowledge at the molecular level into improved wheat varieties for growers, industry and consumers.

Cristobal Uauy's work has been recognized through the Bayer Foundation Early Excellence in Science Award (2012) and the Society of Experimental Biology President’s Medal (2014).

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