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Joshua Ondura Ogendo

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Associate Professor of Crop Protection (Stored Products Entomology) and Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University (Kenya)

Prof Joshua Ogendo is an Associate Professor of Crop Protection (Stored Products Entomology) and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Egerton University in Kenya. Ogendo has a wealth of experience in participatory adaptive research and consultancy services focusing on bio-intensive pest management, enhanced food and nutrition security and livelihoods in smallholder agriculture. He has found a niche in bio-prospecting for botanical pesticides for bio-control of pre- and post-harvest insect pests of staple food crops.

From 2009, he widened his research and consultancy domain to span neglected crops (cassava, sweet potatoes, sorghum, and indigenous vegetables), climate change and agro-biodiversity. Recently he was Principal Investigator (PI) of six research projects, funded by African Union; East African Agricultural Productivity Programme (EAAPP)/World Bank; Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project (KAPAP) /World Bank; Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM); and Austrian Development Cooperation in agronomy and related disciplines with particular focus on botanical pesticides, climate change water related vulnerabilities, neglected crops and agro biodiversity. 

Ogendo holds PhD Agronomy (Crop Protection) from Egerton University (2008), MSc Agronomy and Grain Storage Management from University of Nairobi (Kenya; 1992) and University of Greenwich (UK; 2001), respectively and a BSc in Agriculture from University of Nairobi, Kenya (1988). He is a prolific scholar with 28 scientific publications in refereed journals, two book chapters and 35 conference papers/mini-reviews. He is currently the interim chair for the Pesticidal Plant Technologies Network (PEPTEN) and member of six professional associations. He has successfully supervised five MSc and one PhD students, and is currently supervising two MSc and three PhD student thesis researches in agronomy, horticulture and agriculture and rural innovation studies. 


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