Sita Ram Ghimire

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Principal Scientist

Sita Ghimire is a Principal Scientist and serves as technical lead of research at the BecA-ILRI Hub. He joined the BecA-ILRI Hub as a senior scientist in 2013 to lead the Climate-smart Brachiaria Program that aimed at increasing livestock productivity in two East African countries: Kenya and Rwanda through the use of Brachiaria grass as livestock feed. Within the short period of three years the program identified four best bet Brachiaria cultivars for East Africa, integrated them in a smallholder mixed crop-livestock system and demonstrated a significant increase in livestock productivity when animals are fed on Brachiaria grass. Currently, the program has been expanded to ten more countries in Sub Saharan Africa. Sita leads a research group that explores and uses plant beneficial microbes for drought adaptation; pest and disease resistance and biomass production in Brachiaria grass; and supervises postdoctoral scientists, research associates, graduate students, and Africa Bioscience Challenge Fund (ABCF) fellows.

Sita Ghimire’s areas of research interest include plant pathogens, plant beneficial microbes, plant-microbes interactions, plant diseases management and tropical forage. He has worked extensively on pathogens and beneficial microbes of food crops, fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals, bio-energy crops and forages. He is proficient in plant pathology, microbiology, molecular biology, bio-technology, proteomics and genomics.  Sita has 28 years of experiences as a plant pathologist in government institutions, academia and industry settings. He has worked in Asia, North America and Africa and has an extended network with researchers across the globe. 

Sita has published over 30 peer reviewed research papers, over 50 other scientific publications and extension materials, and presented in national and international conferences. He is a member of Institutional Biosafety Committee at International Livestock Research Institute. He serves as senior editor of Phytobiomes Journal, a recently launched journal of American Phytopathological Society and has recently joined the Global Challenges Research Fund International Peer Review College of Research Council of United Kingdom (RCUK).  



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