Peter Sseruwagi


Research Officer, Head,Horticultural Research Programme,National Crops Resources Research Institute, National Agricultural Research Org, NACRRI-NARO

Peter Sseruwagi heads the Horticulture Research Programme at the National Crops Resources Research Institute, National Agricultural Research Organisation (NaCRRI-NARO) in Namulonge, Uganda, where he is in charge of research, development and promotion of Horticulture. He has worked with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Uganda (IITA-Uganda), in Kampala, on a Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) mitigation projects in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi and Madagascar).

Currently Dr. Sseruwagi is part of a team of scientists working on a project on “Enhancing capacity of national cassava research programs to diagnose, characterize, monitor and sustainably manage viruses affecting cassava productivity”, where he leads the component on surveying and molecular characterization of cassava vectors, satellite-vector interactions for CMD-associated satellites I and III and alternative host studies for cassava mosaic geminiviruses (CMGs). He works closely with AVRDC–The World Vegetable Centre and the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) on vegetable research & development and integrated pest management (IPM) issues.

He is looking to collaborate on: 1) understanding the viruses, their mode of infection, transmission and replication (virus-vector-host interactions); 2) establishing vector-satellite interactions (where satellites occur); 3) resistance development through genetic engineering using gene silencing and protein-based methods; and 4) impact of viruses on micronutrient biosynthesis and bioavailability in vegetables (tomato, peppers, cucurbits and brassicas) and cassava.




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Position Title: Research Officer, Head,Horticultural Research Programme

Institution: National Crops Resources Research Institute, National Agricultural Research Org, NACRRI-NARO

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NaCRRI-NARO P.O Box 7084, Kampala, Uganda


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