Charles Masembe
Lecturer, Makerere University
Project: Is African Swine Fever (ASF) virus transferred from wild pigs to domestic pigs
(more details)


Alexander Bombom
Assistant lecturer and Graduate Student,Makerere University
Project: Molecular characterization of maize-sorghum hybrids
(more details)


Robert Opiro
Assistant lecturer and Graduate Student, Gulu University
Project: The characterisation of trypanosome infections in tsetse flies in the post conflict west Nile districts of Adjumani and Moyo in Uganda
(more details)

Harriet Angwech
Assistant lecturer and Graduate Student, Gulu University
Project:Epidemiology and characterisation of trypanosome infections of livestock and tsetse flies in the post conflict districts of Amuru and Nwoya in northern Uganda
(more details)

Bernius Tukahirwa
Graduate Research Assistant, National Crops Resources Research Institute
Project:Characterizing type III secretion effector genes responsible for hypersensitive response and pathogenicity of X. vasicola pv.musacearum
(more details)

Christopher Mukasa
Graduate Student, Ahmadu Bello University
Project:Harnessing genetic diversity for conservation, resistance to disease and improving productivity of some African breeds of goats
(more details)


Lecturer, University of Makerere
Project:Identification and genotyping  of Theileria parva CD8 T cell vaccine target antigen candidates from Ankole cattle in western Uganda
(more details)

Jibril Lubega
Graduate Student, Makerere University
Project:Establishment of genetic transformation of east Africa highland banana and plantain for resistance against biotic stress using meristematic tissues
(more details)


Frederick Kabi
Research Officer, National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI)
Project:Population genetics of Theileria parva in the agro-ecological zones of Uganda
(more details)

Peter Akoll
Lecturer, University of Makerere
Project:Investigation of bacterial diversity and contribution to the rapid identification of pathogenic bacteria in catfish hatcheries in Uganda
(more details)

Geofrey Kawube
Lecturer/Graduate Fellow, Gulu University
Project: Determining the genetic diversity of Napier grass in Uganda

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