The BecA-ILRI Hub receives Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant

The BecA-ILRI Hub yesterday (15th January 2013) received a grant from Illumina’s Agricultural Greater Good

Initiative. In San Diego, USA to receive the award was the BecA-ILRI Hub Director (interim) Dr Appolinaire Djikengwho says “such initiatives are the key to bringing Africa out from the shadow of poverty and food insecurity”.


The grant, given in form of sequencing reagents, will be used to expand the study of genetic resistance to cassava brown streak disease and cassava mosaic disease, both of which have infected large percentages of crops across East Africa where cassava is a major source of nutrition. It is within the BecA-ILRI Hub’s mandate to employ modern biotechnology to tackle challenges such as these, improving agriculture and food security in eastern and central Africa.

Read the full press release Expanded Program Focuses on Improving Food Security and Furthering Agricultural Sustainability

Read more about the Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grants



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