Appolinaire Djikeng appointed Director of the BecA-ILRI Hub

9501045364_69b668a03a.jpgDr. Appolinaire Djikeng has been named as the new Director for the BecA-ILRI Hub. Having first come to ILRI, Nairobi as a PhD student in 1995 and more recently serving as the BecA-ILRI Hub’s technology manager and interim director, Appolinaire began his new appointment on 12 June, 2013.

After spending close to 11 years working in prestigious institutions in the US such as the Yale University School of Medicine and the J Craig Venter Institute, Appolinaire was keen to return to Africa. His dream was to see Africa participate in the global scientific community at the same level as other communities, and he desired to make his contribution through building the capacity of African scientists to use tools of modern biology.

“I am whom I am because many people held my hand,” says Appolinaire “I would like to hold the hands of many other people, help them cross the bridge and get to be that sophisticated scientist they would like to be because we really need many of those in Africa. Being Director of the BecA-ILRI Hub presents the perfect opportunity for me to do this.”

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  • Guest (Koudandé Olorounto Delphin)

    Great! Welcome back to ILRI and congratulations for you new promotion. I am awaiting for your response for more to exchange.

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