Update on the 2016 ABCF applications

04 May 2016

The ABCF fellowship review and selection process has been completed and all pre-selected applicants notified.  BecA-ILRI Hub and partners congratulate the pre-selected applicants. For those who have not been pre-selected, all is not lost. We greatly appreciate your interest in the fellowship. Your contacts and area of research have been shared with BecA-ILRI Hub staff with the intention to keep looking for opportunities to share with / engage you.

Thank you.

13 April 2016

Reviews are complete. Pre-selected applicants will be contacted between Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th April 2016.

5 April 2016

Communication to pre-selected applicants delayed to mid-April due to donor-reporting priorities at the Hub

17 March 2016

Internal review has been completed and external review is on-going. Communication to favorably reviewed applications will commence Monday 21st March 2016

18 February 2016

Administrative check on applications is complete. The applications are currently undergoing internal review, which will  be completed by end of February 2016. The next update message will follow thereafter.


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