Call for Afrique One-ASPIRE Fellowships

 The research consortium Afrique One-ASPIRE (African Science Partnership for Intervention Research Excellence) is recruiting 5 Postdoc Research Fellows15 PhD Fellows and 18 Master Fellows.

Fellowships are designed to cover 5 Thematic Training Programs within the consortium:

Thematic Training Program (TTP)

  1. TTP1: Canine rabies control and elimination - MSc 3; PhD 3; Postdoc 1
  2. TTP2: Brucellosis control and prevention - MSc 4; PhD 3; Postdoc 1
  3. TTP3: Mycobacterial Infection and Control (i.e. tuberculosis and Buruli ulcer) - MSc 4; PhD 3; Postdoc 1
  4. TTP4: Food-borne diseases and nutritional illnesses - MSc 4; PhD 3; Postdoc 1
  5. TTP5: Human and animal disease surveillance-response systems - MSc 3; PhD 3; Postdoc 1

Total Afrique One-ASPIRE fellowships MSc 18; PhD 15; Postdoc 5

Deadline for applications: Sunday, November 20, 2016

For more information about the fellowships, visit the Afrique One website.

 About Afrique One-ASPIRE

Afrique One-ASPIRE is a research consortium addressing questions of disease elimination based on the ‘One Health’-concept. Our research aims at identifying integrated approaches for disease elimination in relation to zoonotic and emerging diseases by taking human, animal and environmental components into consideration. The consortium comprises nine core institutions in East and West Africa including the BecA-ILRI Hub

More information about the consortium and the call can be found online: and

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